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Business Ownership

Owing a business or side gig is one of the best ways to achieve financial freedom.  A business has its own value while providing you the freedom to make your own hours, your own decisions and the sky is the limit as to how much money you can make.  

Is it stressful?  Yes.  However, the benefits of owning far outweighs the benefits of a job.  I’m sure there are tons of jobs that are just as stressful as owning a business.  This section outlines the benefits of owning a business, how to get started and some basic articles on being successful. 

Why Start a Business?

The United States of America has been a world leader for decades because, from the beginning, it has encouraged free enterprise and entrepreneurship.  This encouragement has led to thousands of
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Tax Advantages of Owning a Business

One of the biggest reasons to start a business is due to the number to tax advantages you receive as a business owner.  When you have a job, your taxes
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What’s Better? A Service Business or Product Business?

Assuming you have a job right now and you want to generate another stream of income, you might be looking to start a side business.  The first question you will
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First Steps In Starting a Business

So you are ready to start your first business. The first step in creating a business is to find a business you want to start.  Ideally, you should do something
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Second Steps in Starting a Business

After you decide what you want to do for your business, the next steps including getting setup legally and for taxes to run your business.  The first thing you need
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