Why Even Follow Me?

The first question you might be asking yourself is “why would I even follow this guy’s advice?”  I don’t blame you.  One of the things you are going to learn in this blog is that time is one of the most important aspects of becoming a millionaire.  So I don’t want to waste your time by spewing advice that won’t help you and won’t improve your chances of reaching your goal.


To start off, I am a millionaire.  I don’t own boats and fancy cars.  I do own real estate, some decent cars, two businesses and other investments.  I live in San Diego in a modest house for this area and I still work on my businesses and my investments.  I have enough passive cashflow from my businesses that I can travel whenever I want with my two kids and my wife and I can walk into store and buy something without guilt.  It’s a great life and while I have loftier goals (and made mistakes), I am right where I want to be.

I wrote this blog as a hobby in the hopes that I can help at least a few people understand some basics of a mental mindset and about how businesses work and investments.  As a web site designer, my goal has always been to create web sites for everyone. That means creating messages that are easy to follow and web sites that are easy to navigate.  My goal here is not to barf out a bunch of articles that have random messages, but create a specific path to follow and then different resources to help you reach your goal.


I got a degree from UC Irvine in Civil Engineering.  I barely passed my classes but I do have the paper to prove I made it.  I worked in Project Management for an engineering company before I found my passion in web design right when that industry was taking off.  I self taught myself graphic design, web site design and a little bit of programming (I outsource programming because I didn’t want to get that involved in it).

I have been involved in many businesses throughout my life as well as worked jobs from the ground up including a paper route and cleaning screens for T-shirt companies and working as a stock boy at Sears (Many of you probably don’t know Sears because they declared bankruptcy).  The point is that I have been successful and I have worked my whole life since I was 14.

In addition to working jobs and starting companies, I went and attended seminars where people tell you how to get rich.  I am here to save you the hundreds or thousands of dollars they charge you to hear the same crap over and over.

As I said, hopefully you will find some useful information here and get on your path to financial freedom and security.