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The Millionaire Fastlane or how to get rich and enjoy the money before getting old

The Millionaire FastlaneThe Millionaire Fastlane” is a book I have read recently. (Remember that books are an important load to carry in your ship).

With the title and the subtitle (“Crack the Code to Wealth and Live Rich a Lifetime“) you could imagine what is the book about and you could say yourself, “another book about of getting rich“.

Well I can tell you it isn’t like others.

And what has this book that the gurus that explain how to get rich haven’t written before?

To begin, I will say that MJ DeMarco can not stand gurus that “sell magic formulas” to get rich or achieve financial freedom, that themselves do not practice and whose primary source of income is the sale of books, courses, conferences, etc. In the book, DeMarco makes it very clear and devotes Chapter 14 to this subject: “The Hypocrisy of the Gurus“.

DeMarco became rich by selling (two times!) his Internet business “” and, based on their experience, and the study of how some young people become millionaires, wrote this book in 2011.

Because this book is precisely about this topic, getting rich quick and retire as young as possible to enjoy life. And beware, getting rich quickly does not mean easily.

To illustrate his ideas, DeMarco defines three financial roadmaps that we can take in our lives. Each roadmap has its own lane and, according the one we take, we will have different outcomes.

The three financial roadmaps to Wealth

According to DeMarco, the financial roadmaps to wealth are:

  • Sidewalk (the sidewalk): leads to poverty
  • Slowlane (the slow lane): leads to mediocrity
  • Fastlane (the fast lane): leads to wealth

For each roadmap, the author discusses the following aspects:

  • Debt Perception: Does debt control you or do you control your debt?
  • Time Perception: How is your time valued and treated? Abundant? Fleeting? Inconsequential?
  • Education Perception: What role does education have in your life?
  • Money Perception: What is money’s role in your life? Is money a tool or a toy? Plentiful or scarce?
  • Primary Income Source: What is your primary means of creating income?
  • Primary Wealth Accelerator: How are you accelerating your net worth and creating wealth? Or are you?
  • Wealth Perception: How do you define wealth?
  • Wealth Equation: What is your mathematical plan for accumulating wealth? What wealth equation defines the physics of your wealth universe?
  • Destination: Is there a destination? If so, what does it look like?
  • Responsibility & Control: Are you in control of your life and your financial plan?
  • Life Perception: How do you live your life? Do you plan for the future? Forsake today for tomorrow? Or tomorrow for today?

Certainly these are questions that will make us reflect and be aware of which one is our financial roadmap.

The aim of “The Millionaire Fastlane” book

We all dream of Financial Freedom, being able to retire rich and able to do what we like, what really fills us and gives meaning to our lives. However, each one takes different decisions according to their roadmap.

The one on the Sidewalk, purchase lottery. The one’s moving in the Slowlane, works hard, saves, and when he retires (and if all goes well) will have the money to “enjoy”. And whoever decides to jump to Fastlane, gets the money before getting old.

And you, where you want to be?

Where to buy the book

I recommend you buy the ebook because it’s cheaper and because you can read it on different devices and in many places, without having to carry it.

Whenever I can, I buy the Kindle edition from Amazon. This allows me to have the book on any PC on my home, in my tablet or in my mobile phone. Can you imagine the sites where you can read whenever you have some time?

You can download the Free Kindle Reading Apps and install them in all your devices.

The link to buy the ebook is: The Millionaire Fastlane: Crack the Code to Wealth and Live Rich for a Lifetime (affiliate link)

The TMF Phenomenon

Since its publication, the book “The Millionaire Fastlane” or TMF, has become a true phenomenon. Proof of this is the active community that has grown up around it.

I give you some links to judge for yourself:

And you, in which lane are you?

If you’ve read or are reading the book I would like hear your opinion.

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