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I don’t have time

I don't have timeLong ago I do not write on the blog because I don’t have time, precisely. The reason?, because my boat, my Endurance, has left the port. As I mentioned in another post, my new project, that I’ll call Gamma (to follow the order of the Greek alphabet), is already on the Internet and if during the preparation, time was short, now is a critical issue.

And as I have to find time anywhere, I am writing from the plane that is taking me to Berlin. On another occasion, I would have used the flight to get some sleep, as the night was short, but my commitment to this blog and, ultimately, with you that are reading it, it encourages me to write while flying.

I’m going to Berlin on vacation with my family. The truth is that I needed a break, but now that the project has started, you can not completely disconnect. So the first thing we searched for in Berlin was an apartment with WiFi and we carry a laptop with us.

You might wonder who think my wife about working on holiday, but as I explained in the Financial Expedition, the Expedition of Your Life, she is also involved in the project and the change of life that we do. Another day will dedicate a post to this important topic: the mate of the entrepreneur.

As you know, this blog is aimed at those who, having a full time job, spend the rest of the time available to create projects that enhance their quality of life. That is why the time factor is the most important, far more than money because it does not take much money to launch a project on the Internet and, if necessary, can be achieved in several ways.

How much is your time worth?

If anything is the same for all mankind, is time. No matter you are rich or poor, we are all born with the “time tank” full and, as the years pass, this tank is emptying. Unlike money, time can not be stored in a bank for later use, or lend it, or return it. All we can do with time is use it. And notice how many people use their free time as if it had no value.

Never forget these words of Steve Jobs:

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.

I remember when WhatsApp started charging a few cents per year for Android users for the application that had been used to date for free. So many people dedicated their time to search online for how to continue to use WhatsApp without paying. One was a co-worker, that, one day that he was explaining me how he had been looking on the internet how to continue to use WhatsApp without paying, I asked him, but how much is your time worth?

The question  puzzled him, because he only assigns value to the time spent on work for which he is payed. I hope you’ve already overcome this Employee typical idea because, otherwise, it will cost you to become Entrepreneur.

But watch out how you approach your projects, because if your income will depend on the hours you spend on them, then you are only changing working for a company or organization to working for another boss that will be yourself. This is not a bad thing, but not the kind of projects that I want.

Detach your income of your time

My goal as Entrepreneur is to have more time and earn enough to not have to worry about the future. So the projects that interest me are those that can be automated so that it can generate income that are not associated with the hours I spend on them.

As Employee, what you do is sell your time for money. If you do the same as Entrepreneur, you have not done more that change the “boss”, work many more hours and possibly for less money. But if that makes you happy, then I do not say anything.

I recommend you read “The Millionaire Fastlane” by MJ DeMarco. In this book you will see that the theme of Time is so important to the author who is one of the 5 commandments of The Millionaire Fastlane:

  • Need
  • Entry
  • Control
  • Scale
  • Time

And if there is a place where you can generate income automatically, that place is the Internet. You can also write a book, but make sure you can sell many thousands of copies.

Where can I get time?

Like I said before, we can not go to a “Time Bank” and ask for a loan. We have the time left and that is the same as has everyone. How you use your time is what will make the difference.

The first thing you have to do is to check what do you do with your time when you finish your work as Employee and eliminate anything that is not important and takes you away from the goal. If you want different results, you have to do different things.

If you do not start doing this exercise, the excuse “I don’t have time” will be perfect for you not to start any project.

The exercise I propose you is the following:

  • Make a list of the activities you do for a week (including the weekend) and record the time you spend with them (including travel time, if any)
  • Sort the activities from the list according to the importance you assign them (family, health, relationships, etc..) in decreasing order
  • Begins to eliminate the activities of the bottom of the list to leave the ones that are really important and essential
  • Rearrange the activities you have left on the list, so there is no dead time slots between them

With this simple exercise you will have managed to find time where none existed before. Now is your responsibility to use it wisely.

And you, where do you find time for your projects?

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