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Financial Expedition, the Expedition of Your Life

Endurance - Sailing towards Financial Freedom

Endurance – Sailing towards Financial Freedom

First of all I recommend you go through the pages “What is FE?” and “About you” so you can see which is the theme of this blog. I’d hate waste your time, a resource that for me, nowadays, is more valuable than money.


About a year ago, my wife and I decided to change our lives. We realized that the future was more uncertain than it was when we started working and we had to find a solution that was in our hands, that is, under our control.

In the ’80s, when we started working, everything seemed easier. The plan was this: work in a company, climb the corporate ladder or switch to a company that pays better, save, invest a little and when we arrive to retirement, have a peaceful and deserved rest.

It was the plan that we had seen in our homes when we were kids. It was the plan that we saw in the people around us. It was the middle class’ plan. But it was not a good plan. Seen from today’s perspective seems a bad plan, a plan in which there are too many variables that are not under our control.

And then, what is the alternative?

For us the issue is very clear, we have to set a goal and work for it. The goal is to achieve Financial Freedom. We must be able to generate more revenue streams, with assets created for ourselves, in order to leave our current jobs with acceptable but limited incomes.

Personally I see this project as an expedition: a Financial Expedition with a very specific objective. And as it is an Expedition, it not serves at all that we take a small boat to sail immediately who knows where, having the feeling we’re doing something.

Nor is it to rent a boat with captain and crew: the helm must be in our hands, we should be who are on the bridge piloting the boat to its destination. As we leave the helm in the others’ hands, the ship will deviate from the course. It is our responsibility, it is our Expedition.

What you need to do is to properly prepare the Expedition to achieve our goal of Financial Freedom.

Preparing the Expedition

Ernest Shackleton put the name Endurance to the boat that carried out the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition. Endurance comes from the Shackleton family motto “Fortitudine vincimus” (By endurance we conquer).

Record these words in your brain: By endurance we conquer (and not ever forget).

During this first year we have started to build our own “boat”, which will also call Endurance. For the structure and the hull we used the best “woods” we have found in the “forest of training”:

  • Personal Finance
  • Internet Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Blogs
  • Investments
  • Creativity
  • Etc. etc. etc.

Once built the boat, we loaded it with the minimum necessary to set sail for waters somewhat unknown, leaving our port, our comfort zone, to follow our dream.

But do not forget that the hull wears away and needs to be maintained in good condition to resist the strong “ice pressure”. So we never forget the training.

In the blog I’ll tell you the things that have served us and have worked for us and the ones which have failed, even more important than the first ones: sometimes you win and sometimes you learn.

And you, are you in the same Expedition? Are you preparing to set sail or are already sailing?

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