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This page is available for you to publish the commitment you have with your project and how that commitment will lead you to a change in your life in the time frame you have chosen. Please, use the Contact Form to send me your commitment.

This is my commitment: In ten years’ time I see myself having a part-time job as well as my own business. I’d love to be an employee for a company which allowed me to work just about 20 hours a week. Besides, I’d also like some of my entrepreneurial ideas to catch on over time. In that way I could be my own boss, my own administrator, my own manager… a dream come true!

Francisco J. López

This is my commitment: In 2012, my wife and I decided to change our lives within five years. We decided to Take the helm of our lives and start an authentic Expedition that would lead us to Economic Independence, to decide where to invest and develop business, not to depend on others to get a job to have an income.

The first two years will be tough. With a full-time job and children in our care, the time available will be limited and often more valuable than money. And these will be precisely the two axes on which we will focus: Time Management and Money Management to develop projects and investments.

After five years from the start of our Expedition, we managed to generate, for ourselves, the revenue needed for the life style we want to have and to give our children a model of life that will enable them to survive on their own in the future.


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