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About you and about your future

No,  there is not any mistake with the title of this page, it is named just like that: “About you“, because at Financial Expedition who matters are you and what matters most is your future.

Because no matters who I am, I use Ernest Shackleton as avatar, a historical figure who I admire for the epic lived in the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition, and who inspire this blog.

If you have understood what this blog is and you will want to be part of the section “About you“, please write me down what you would like to see written about you in 2, 5 or 10 years (you decide) and I will post it in this section (you can use your name or a nickname, whatever you prefer). That will be your future: which you have designed, which belongs to you.

As an idea, you can use the text of what I will write down about me in five years:

My name is Xxxxxx Yyyyyyyyyy and five years ago (it was 2012) I decided to change my life. I had a lovely family (wife and two children) and a good job. We paid the mortgage, taxes and all costs and could still save for holidays and some travel. It could say we were in a comfortable situation.

After four years, the bitter face of the Financial Crisis of 2008 and its aftermath showed very clearly: job insecurity, unemployment, political corruption scandals, multimillionaire bank bailouts, etc. etc. etc. And suddenly, my wife and I realized that having a job was not enough, that was a life model derived from the obsolete Industrial Revolution, that was no guarantee of anything and that we had to do something else.

The crisis hardly affected us directly, but we could not be thinking that if we have trouble, someone could help us. We could not live with the hope that, upon reaching retirement, we would have a pension to live with dignity, and that the money from our retirement plans would be there when we need it. We no longer wanted to work to realize the others’ dreams, but to work in our own dreams.

In addition, we had children and we should teach them a new model. No longer served the model Study-Go to the College-Get a good job. And what better example of what we wanted to convey them that ours.

Thus we decided to Take the helm of our lives and start an authentic Expedition that would lead to Economic Independence, to decide where to invest and develop business, not to depend on others to get a job to have an income. As in every expedition, it requires planning and preparation time before cast off and sail little known or sometimes totally unknown waters.

The first two years were tough. With a full-time job and children in our care, the time available was limited and often more valuable than money. And these were precisely the two axes on which we focus: Time Management and Money Management to develop projects and investments.

Like any well-run effort pays off, we slowly begin to reap the rewards. We had an additional income to our work as employees and we had the security that, if we would lost the job, we would have a base on which to grow, and that we would have more time to develop our projects.

After five years from the start of our Expedition, we managed to generate, for ourselves, the revenue needed for the life style we wanted to have and to give our children a model of life that will enable them to survive on their own in the future.

If you’re in a situation like mine (you have a job but you are looking for something else), I offer you this page so you can see what you will write about you in a few years, when your dreams become true.

It is an exercise that I recommend you: the simple fact of start writing how you want to see yourself within 2, 5 or 10 years, will make you think about the life you lead and what you should do to achieve those dreams.

And that you have put in writing you will it have here, publicly exposed for you to read regularly and see if you are doing the right things to achieve your future. It will be published with your name or a nickname, what you choose to write in the field Name in the following form:

(Please, before sending your data, read my Privacy Policy)

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