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A Journey to Financial Freedom

Financial Expedition - A Journey to Financial FreedomFE (Financial Expedition) is a blog that I write under the pseudonym of Ernest Shackleton, to help Employees who want to become Entrepreneurs to get Financial Freedom.

(By the way, English is not my usual language, I apologize for the mistakes that I will make to write the English version.)

Unlike other blogs that people begin to write when they have achieved success, in FE I will tell my own “Financial Expedition”, the Expedition that will take me, with its successes and failures, to the Financial Freedom through Entrepreneurship.

But do not think I start from scratch; be an Entrepreneur is not a new thing for me. I started my working life as Employee, then I was working as Entrepreneur for more than ten years, when hardly anyone still used that word, and then again as Employee. What motive led me to become an Employee when it seems to be more cool to be an Entrepreneur? Obviously the money; at that time I could make more money working as Employee than as Entrepreneur. But there comes a day when that idea changes, because as Employee you realize where is your ceiling, but as Entrepreneur nothing is done and the ceiling is so high that can not be seen (on page About you you can see more reasons for this change).

Writing this blog is useful because it helps me sort out ideas, but it is much more rewarding if you also get help, if you are looking for this kind of change: from Employee to Entrepreneur.

The idea of focusing this blog as an Expedition comes from the epic lived by Ernest Shackleton in Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition and shares some parallels that I will use in FE.

Everything starts with an ad in the press:

Men Wanted

MEN (or WOMEN) WANTED for hazardous journey. Small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger, safe return doubtful. Honor and recognition in case of success.

(By the way, possibly Ernest Shackleton never published this famous ad. More information here)

Let’s see what parallels has Financial Expedition with Shackleton’s Expedition.

MEN (or WOMEN) WANTED for hazardous journey

Is it a hazardous journey? It depends on what mean to you hazardous. Notice that every day we do things that, according to accident statistics, can be considered hazardous, as, for example, driving on the road. However, we are used to not see it as a hazard.

Now ask yourself:

  • What is more hazardous, to live as an employee with a single source of income or taking a journey to an area little known but where you will have Financial Freedom?
  • What is more hazardous, to live as an employee and, in the case of running out of employment, starting to ask yourself what to do or who’s going to help, or go now starting  to have more sources of income?
  • What is more hazardous, to live as employee waiting for retirement and when you arrive you realize that you will have a miserable pension or be ready when you reach retirement and having enough money to lead the life you want? (By the way, when you reach retirement you will not have much time to react)

Small wages

I guarantee you, you will have to work without wage for months. May be you are not used or have not done that before, but if you are not willing to work hard to achieve your dream, you do not need to keep reading, this blog is not for you. I’d hate to waste your time.

If your thing is to win money easily and quickly, the best you can do is going to Google and type “how to make money fast” or something like that, you’ll see how fast someone who is not you will win money easily and quickly.

Bitter cold

Did you notice in the design of the blog? It is not coincidence that it looks like cold.

Like Shackleton and his men in Antarctica, you will have to fight the cold and loneliness. But it is not the same kind of cold and loneliness, but the cold and the loneliness of swim against the tide.

Look at the people around you: family, friends, coworkers … What good advice you will get when you explain them the Expedition you are preparing? Will you get a lot of support? I think you can guess the answer you will get from them. You will feel the cold and loneliness and so I hope that here you find the warmth and understanding of those who do the same journey.

Long months of complete darkness

As in Antarctica, you will have to spend many months in darkness to finally reach the light. If you have no patience, never get to see the sunny days of success. You will never see your dreams fulfilled and you have to live to make the dreams of others.

Constant danger

Before, I’ve told you about danger, but now I want you to be aware of another danger that will threaten you constantly and this danger is yourself, is within you. Is the danger of abandoning your dreams.

I know this danger because I lived it, and it will come on you in the form of questions in your head:

  • Does it make sense that I’m doing?
  • If I fail, what will the others say?
  • Is it worth so much effort?
  • If I have a job, why do I have to complicate my life?
  • Would anyone be interested in my project?
  • etc. etc.

And as this danger is inside you, you’ll have to fight there. The battle will be fought inside you. Go ready with all the motivational weapons that you get. I will give you all you can.

Safe return doubtful

In fact, this is a one-way trip. Once your ship has set sail, you will always sail from one goal to another and, although sometimes you will have to take refuge for a time in the “Employee Harbor” if things are not going well, think that sometimes you win and sometimes you learn. Prepare again your ship with all you learned and go back to sea.

Honor and recognition in case of success

This is the best reward that you will receive after the effort made. The Honor and Recognition reserved for those who have struggled to achieve their dreams.

Want to be one of them? Then join the Financial Expedition.

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